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If you are looking for an effective Executive Coach who can help you understand yourself, plan your goals, change behavior and get results...

You are at the Right Place! 

Prasad's 30 years of Corporate, Coaching experience has helped scores of people achieve results.

His clients include senior executives from the Banking Industry, Real Estate, Software Industry, Administration Professionals.

Prasad's Unique Coaching Process helps people understand themselves thoroughly, change their - Thinking, Speaking and Acting.

3PC program helps the individual to change thinking, personal habits and THEN focus on external personality and behavior to become effective.



Weeks one to three are all about getting to know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats & Setting Goals


Weeks four to six include the second phase with introduction to life-changing tools - Thinking / Speaking / Acting


Weeks seven to twelve are for practise and perfecting the behavior / action to start getting different results

Personality Development & Public Speaking Skills

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Executive Coaching Bangalore. 

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